What The Hell Do You Charge As A Freelance Web Designer? (eBook)

BY Ken Westgaard IN


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So what DO you charge as a freelance web designer?

At some point I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the exact same question.

There’s no easy answer, and to make it even harder you’ve got clients asking for discounts or worse, complaining about your price. And what do you do then?

You give the client a discount or simply lower your rate and devaluing yourself.

In this book you’ll learn more than what an hourly rate calculator will tell you.

By avoiding being a commodity, you’ll separate yourself from every single freelancer out there. You want to go from being a freelancer to becoming a professional, consultant or a business owner. You actually have to change your mindset.

To separate yourself even more, you need to understand your clients and listen to their problems. Only then can you find a solution. Remember that you are a problem solver!


Learn how 12 other gurus in the web industry started out and how they raised their rates! To name a few, Brent Weaver, Justin Jackson, Kurt Elster, Marie Poulin, Philip Morgan and more!


  • Go from a freelancer to a pro
  • Value your time
  • Set your rate with confidence
  • Raise the rate on existing clients
  • Pick a pricing strategy
  • Never negotiate your rate
  • The eBook contains 62 pages
  • Comes in PDF format


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