User Experiences that Matter

BY Anton Sten IN

User Experiences that Matter Ebook by Anton Sten

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Great user experiences create happy, loyal users. They love spending time and money with companies who have invested in their experience. But where do you start in creating a great user experience? Let this book help you with that.

About User Experiences that Matter

With so many wildly successful businesses out there, we are left wondering what they did to get there and how they stay there. Is there a magic bullet? Did they make a deal with the devil? The answer is actually far more simple than you’d imagine. It turns out that they just value their customers by creating great user experiences for them. Whether it’s their product, their website, or even their customer service – a business rises or falls on the experience their customers have.

In User Experiences that Matter, I give you an introduction to creating great user experiences by focusing on the human being using the product.

“The user experience consists of everyone involved: marketers, managers, customer service, technicians, even other users…success comes from paying attention to the entire experience of the user, from beginning to end.”

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To top it all off, I was honored to bring in leaders from companies like TocaBoca, ustwo, GoSquared, Designer News, Crew, and the one and only Paul Jarvis to share their thoughts on user experiences and why they matter.

Whether you’re a professional supplying services to clients, building a new product, or marketing the next great solution, this book is for you.

User Experiences that Matter includes

What is UX Design?
UX Design Explained
UI Design – UX’s nephew
What UX Is and What It Isn’t
Everyone is UX-designer – yes, even you!
The Extra Effort for Great UX
UX Design as a Problem Solver

Interviews – Creating User Experiences
Emil Ovemar from Toca Boca
Marcus Woxneryd from ustwo
James Gill from GoSquared

There’s Designing for UX and then there’s designing for PEOPLE
Growing Relationships by Understanding Value
Time vs. Attention – Which is More Valuable?
UX is Much More than Software
MVP – Is Your Product Really Minimum AND Viable?
Pain, Dream, Fix
Designing with Emotions in Mind
Change is Quick, Results Take Time
Built to Last

Outro – Go and Create!


  • 70+ Pages
  • PDF, Mobi and ePub
  • Interviews with TocaBoca, ustwo and GoSquared


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