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Sugar Plums Script is a new hand made font including over 400 different hand drawn characters for a range of languages and dialects. As well as an Italic version and over 60 hand drawn ornaments, including leaves & flowers, catchwords, frames, doodles and swirls.

What’s included

  • Sugar Plums (ttf., otf. svg., eot., woff. woff2)
  • Sugar Plums Ornaments (including 60 glyphs) (ttf., otf. svg., eot., woff. woff2)
  • Sugar Plums Italic (ttf., otf. svg., eot., woff. woff2)
  • PDF Ornament Guide
  • An installation guide for both Windows and Mac computers.







  • TTF, OTF, SVG, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2 formats
  • Sugar Plums Regular
  • Sugar Plums Italic
  • Sugar Plums Ornaments


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