Starstruck Hand-Lettered Script

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Starstruck is a hand-lettered script with tons of extra characters! We can characterize the font as sparkling, charming, feminine, sophisticated, and super swirly.

There are two added files of additional decorative glyphs, many additional common letter combinations, and even the multi-lingual glyphs are all decorated.

Use Starstruck Left and Starstruck Right to create your own decorated word styles. In total there are hundreds of swirly letter combinations for creating an authentic hand-made, hand-lettered style text.

It’s super easy to use. Just highlight the letter you want to change and choose Left or Right. Many of the alternates have swirls that dip below the baseline and will fit nicely in the middle of the words.

Most of the alternate glyphs are available without an open type glyph panel. Yes – That’s you – Embroiderers and MS Word Users!

Don’t have and alternate glyphs panel? No problem. There’s an alternate file of all the additional ligatures and common letter combinations to easily access all the extras on the keyboard.

What’s included

  • Starstruck (ttf., otf., svg., eot, woff, woff2)
  • Starstruck Left (ttf., otf., svg., eot, woff, woff2)
  • Starstruck Right (ttf., otf., svg., eot, woff, woff2)
  • Starstruck Alt (ttf., otf., svg., eot, woff, woff2)
  • PDF Alternate Guide
  • An installation guide for both Windows and Mac computers






  • TTF, OTF, SVG, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2 formats
  • Starstruck Regular
  • Starstruck Left
  • Starstruck Right
  • Starstruck Alt


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Starstruck Hand-Lettered Script

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