Shallom Brush Typeface

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Shallom is a modern brush typeface that exhibits more than just a trace of calligraphy. It is a hand drawn font. Two basic styles of uppercase letters are included in this font package, one with swashes, and one without. Swashes can be turned on or off with the Stylistic Alternatives button.

A majority of the lowercase letters are available in several different styles. This gives the designer an impressive array of choices, whether designing a title or a line of text. The lower case letters feature various swash styles and the absence of a swash. The terminal letters in a word can also be adjusted, a feature available in other AF Studio script font packages.

A Bonus Pack featuring graphic watercolor art in is included in the package.






  • Font comes in OTF format
  • Stylistic Alternates
  • Ornaments: Watercolor Pack


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