Scene Creator 5K Mockup

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Scene Creator 5K is a high resolution and great quality tool to showcase your works, such as: posters, paintings, drawings, web designs or product mockups. You can also generate header images for your website or blog. Shortly everything you may need to shine in the web!

Scene Creator 5K is a high resolution (5120×2880) PSD file so every object and item is very sharp and detailed. Scenes are good for print as print resolution is 300dpi.

Every single item was photographed in high definition, precisely cut off and isolated from the background. Each object is a different photoshop layer so you can move and rearrange them freely. This is how you can create your personal scenes.

All pieces have their own color masks, so you can tune them to make favorite tint compositions. You can resize desk by simply dragging its corner. It has changable legs, plates and colors. You can use 11 different kind of surfaces, and there is also one you can give any color you like.

All device displays and frames use Photoshop’s “Intelligent Objects” feature to let you use your own graphics. There are 40 different screen items to your disposition and 18 poster frames in which you can put anything you want.

Additionally you can use custom text and change paper texture in the typewriter, thanks to “Intelligent Objects”.

Any glass reflections (frames, displays) can be hidden and intensified.

Scene Creator 5K includes:

  • Configurable desk (5 legs, 11 surface + 1 surface Color Can Be Changed) (C)
  • 6 Chairs©
  • Man or Woman (9 Diferent Positions)
  • 15 Backgrounds Walls (One of Them Color Can Be Changed) (C)
  • 40 Screen Objects (All with Smart Objects)
  • 170 Movable Items©
  • Wall Clock (Full Editable & uses Smart Objects) (C)
  • 18 Poster Frames (All with Smart Objects)

Quick video tutorials:


  • For Photoshop


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