Rocher Font Family

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Rocher Font Family was designed while looking for an answer to a simple question: what would a typeface look like if it was made of stone? It certainly would look solid, but did we have to add cracks and rubble so it would resemble rocks? We didn’t think so.

We decided to tackle the problem a different way. We added corners where there usually aren’t any and threw some unusual letterforms into the mix. The result is a typeface that feels like stone, but if you look closely there is nothing inherently stony about it.

Unexpected corners provide just the right amount of roughness, while unusual letterforms give the text an informal aesthetic, traces of something naive and handmade.

A font family was born when the sturdy letterforms were turned into a series of playful layers. With 9 fonts in total, Rocher can be mixed and matched to create unique layered compositions that add depth to the layout.

We designed Rocher to be used in logotypes, packaging, mobile apps, and headlines. We are confident you will find another handful of scenarios where it can shine.


  • 9 Fonts in OTF Format
  • 1. Rocher Regular
  • 2. Rocher Inline
  • 3. Rocher Spine
  • 4. Rocher Bevel A
  • 5. Rocher Bevel B
  • 6. Rocher Jewel
  • 7. Rocher Outline A
  • 8. Rocher Outline B
  • 9. Rocher Extrude


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