OLCINO Multicolor Font Pack

BY Igor Petrovic IN

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I am excited to announce the release of the Olcino Multicolor font pack! It is super easy to use and it works just like any other font. In other words: SIMPLY TYPE MULTICOLOR TEXT!

Olcino is charming and easy like a Sunday morning. 😉 It celebrates freedom, love and peace and is inspired by the joy of life, optimism, by meeting new people, visiting new places, and enjoying new experiences. So it’s no surprise that the first sketches for it were made while looking at the beautiful Aegean Sea. 🙂

Olcino uses a gentle yet juicy color scheme. Its fresh and attractive look is perfect for making eye candy social media posts – pssst… be among the first to use it and get more followers! 😉

The elements of every character are very carefully visually balanced, making each letter a separate piece of art, perfect for logo usage.

Olcino is crafted with animation in mind. Distinct shapes and lines can be used for making stunning animations very easily (tip: use the “Olcino Sticker” style for animation, it features white gaps as separate objects).

World class designers and marketing professionals gave very positive feedback during the design process and I was happy to apply their useful advice. Big thanks to all good people who helped me out while making this font!

In addition to the two styles of the Olcino Multicolor font, you will also get Olcino Pen, a regular (single color) font. (Olcino pen was previously sold as a separate font named Postcard, more info available on the link below).


WEBFONTS ARE INCLUDED! You can use these fonts on your website or embed them into app or eBook, without extra charge! (in a safe way, so the font and any derivative (image created in the app using the font i.e.) are protected. For more details please contact me via direct message or on boomtown.cowboy@gmail.com)

TECH DETAILS——————————————————————–

Contents of the download pack:

Olcino Regular, multicolor OTF font (simply type multicolor text). Intended for use over white or very bright backgrounds.

Olcino Sticker, multicolor OTF font (simply type multicolor text). Each letter has its own white background. It can be used over any background, although for very bright backgrounds Olcino Regular might be a better choice, to help avoid the odd low contrast between the white font background and the bright background behind it. But try and see what works best for you! 🙂

Olcino Pen, one color font which resembles medium size pen handwriting.

Works both on Mac and Windows.

Multicolor OTF versions of this font will show up only in apps that are compatible with color fonts, like Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 and above or Illustrator CC 2018. Learn more about color fonts and their compatibility with third-party apps on www.colorfonts.wtf

Olcino is made using the absolutely great Fontself software, https://www.fontself.com/

Contact mail for support: boomtown.cowboy@gmail.com


  • Super easy to use. It installs and works like any other font, despite being multicolor.
  • Perfect for social media posts, posters, logos, and animation.
  • Greatly accepted by renowned design and marketing professionals, whose useful advice is incorporated into the design.
  • Absolutely unique, Olcino is the first typeface of its kind on the market.
  • Brings color, fun, love, energy, and optimism in a refined artistic and stylish way.
  • Two multicolor styles.
  • Classic "single color" font Olcino Pen comes as a bonus.

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