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Design is such a key component in building mobile apps. Functionality is only half the battle, while presentation is the other. With the Mobile Design Book, you’ll soon get the lowdown on 21 different topics that focus in on creating a successful mobile app. Using existing popular apps as examples, learn the design fundamentals fo building a mobile app, as well as harnessing the power of emotion.

Take aways from the book

01. Design fundamentals

You’ll realize how important design fundamentals are by learning how they come together.

02. Emotional design

A design that is powerful enough to evoke an emotion is rare, but it’s also a powerful effect.

03. User experience

An app with great UX can greatly improve conversions and the way people view your brand.


“Mobile Design Book is beautifully crafted and really dives deep into what makes mobile apps great. Design is important and this book explains why.”

Ryan Lum

“Every single word and example you’ll find in this book was carefully chosen and is the perfect guide on your path of becoming a better designer. This is one of those books that should be on your bookshelf.”

Pascal Gartner

Why you should own it

  • Discover precisely what makes for a good mobile app design.
  • Through 21 topics, you’ll learn by example as 42 successful app designs are broken down for you.
  • Bring the Mobile Design Book with you anywhere you go, as you can read this PDF on your laptop, smartphone, tablet and more.
  • Learn the design fundamentals of building a mobile app, and learn how it all comes together.
  • See how powerful emotion can be when working on your mobile designs.
  • A great UX is paramount for success, so learn to master the way people view your brand.
  • Small in size, the Mobile Design Book is big on ideas, which makes it the perfect starting guide to mobile design.


  • eBook comes in PDF format
  • Contains 117 pages


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