Mayolla Scene Generator

BY Dmitry Zaborskikh IN

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Mayolla Scene Generator lets you create your own unique scene simply by dragging and dropping elements. You can create headers and hero images for websites or amazing branding presentations to impress your clients. 

1. Unique items. All items are made by hand with love and have no analogues.

2. High Resolution. Big resolution and excellent quality of items, allows you to create really huge scenes for screens or print.

3. Transparent Shadows. All shadows are in separate and transparent layer, that allows you to adjust the contrast of it for better result. Also now it’s easy to export them

4. Color Masks. Every material of every item has a color mask, so it’s very easy to change color and customize every item.

5. Mockups. Simply insert your design in a smart object, and it will be automatically changed to the subject.

6. Free addons and updates. More items, addons and updates will be added and available for free. New addons of 50-100 items will come out every 2 months.


  • 234 Items
  • 21 Pre-Made Scenes
  • For Photoshop


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