Karla HandWriting Script Typeface

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The Karla Script Font is a creation of Noe Araujo. This ready to use script typeface is provided in both open type and true type font formats.

Creating this amazing new font used lots of ink, as the wide strokes would indicate. Lots of love went into the crafting of Karla Script as well, which is not surprising for a pretty handwriting font that lends itself particularly well to creating wedding cards or announcements, vintage logos, or anything with a touch of love or romance you can think of worth creating.

Looking at Karla Script’s individual letters and symbols, one could mistakenly be led to believe that this font, with its wide strokes and decorative flair, would not be suitable to use in lengthy text situations.

Quite the opposite is true for this popular calligraphic font. This handwritten font is very readable and relaxing to look at. It is at its best however when it is applied to short announcements, notes, or ads.





  • TTF and OTF included in the archive


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