I Am Creator – Scene Generator For Designers

BY Ruslan Latypov IN

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Quickly make beautiful presentations for your Facebook covers, hero images, blueprints, prototypes, mockups, websites, prints, hero sections, header and background images, thanks to this 363 items package.

Presenting your work to your clients will look professional and it will give you an image of a meticulous person who cares about the delivered product.

I Am Creator offers a vast offer of items for designers to showcase their work. Whether you are a designing for the web, for mobile or for print, this is the scene generator that you need to have, especially considering how easy it is to use it. Have I mentioned that this can be used by architects and artists as well? Yes, it’s useful to you guys, too.

The items that are in this pack come at high resolution, making them excellent for Retina screens or print projects

The realistic mockups will make your designs look great thanks to the high quality effects that give a photorealistic presentation.









Creating awesome stuff is easy – Watch this short video





Note: This product’s files are big so please be patient while downloading. Also, download one file at a time.


  • 363 items (23 PSDs)
  • 46 Sample Scenes (46 PSDs)
  • Scene Generator (1 PSD)
  • 15 backgrounds
  • 16 premade adjustment layers
  • Help File (1 PDF)
  • Realistic Mockups
  • Extremely High Resolution
  • Layered Transparent Shadows
  • Color Masks for Every Material
  • Big resolution images
  • Photoshop CS6+
  • 13 GB split in 17 .rar files
  • Free Updates Forever
  • Pixel Perfect Designs


  1. Zane

    I am creator is an absolutely epic piece of kit for any designer or creative. The resolution of the individual items is incredible. Will be using this for years to come. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Stella

    I AM CREATOR is absolutely brilliant, top quality and gives you lots of options to play around with. Don\’t waste your time trying to find mock ups here and there. This is the real deal and it will make your work stand out from the crowd! Excellent!

  3. Maria Teresa

    Hi there, it\’s Paolo. I\’ve been using \”I am Creator top and perspective mockup editors\” for a while and I can say that I am satisfied, it is definitely worthit. Some useful objects are still missing, but I trust future releases will fill these little gaps!

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