Heather Handmade Typeface

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There is always something special about handmade fonts. The Heather-Typeface is typical in that it has a definite human touch, as opposed to a font that has been designed by a committee with the help of a machine, to serve a particular purpose. The letters, numbers, and special characters were made using a pen brush and ink.

Heather is bold and brash. It is especially attention-getting when the word sizes are changed within a sentence or statement. When you read a brief sentence or phrase where Heather-font word sizes vary, you tend not to leave any words behind.

If you are looking for a font that is bold, natural, and a font that has a definite human touch, with tons of glyphs, Heather Handmade Typeface would be an ideal choice. It comes in OTF and TTF.





  • TTF and OTF included in the archive


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