Hawaii Handcrafted Font

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The Hawaii font by Noe Araujo looks is inspired by the sun and fresh of this Summer. It is described as a script font, and when you see examples of its use you would have to agree.

The lowercase letters touch one another, but not much more than that. The net result is highly readable text where the letters stand out, and a watercolor-like handwriting font that is well suited for text that can be used in posters, travel ads, and even some online shopping experiences.

The font’s creator describes it as crazy and amazing, and it is certainly some of both. It is definitely a playful font that draws attention to itself.

You can play with this font a bit and see how it works with various shadings and background colors. The results can be quite striking. This font, like Hawaii itself, is easy to associate with good times, fun, and summertime pleasures. Both OTF and TTF font types are included in the package.

Just imagine the wild things you can create and explore with the font!

Hawaii Font
Hawaii Font - Numbers
Hawaii Font - Lowercase


  • TTF and OTF included in the archive


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