Freelance Contract Templates for Creative Freelancers

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Don’t render yourself into a vulnerable position by relying on emailed handshakes. Now make a professional contract with this Attorney-Drafted Freelance Contract Template and save yourself thousands in legal fees.These templates will help you in

  • Streamlining your work schedule
  • Simplify terms and conditions agreed upon
  • Prevent you from reworking and rewriting
  • Avoiding Unrealistic expectations leading to disputes

What’s the big deal?

Don’t risk your income by relying on a low-quality template document. Let these Freelance Contract Templates by “The Contract Guys” help solidify your future with professional grade contacts.You will Get access to

  • 9 attorney-drafted freelance contract templates in easy-to-edit Word files.
  • Contract’s instructions written in simple English that anybody can follow with ease.
  • Clear instructions and explanations where necessary.

Why Should You Use These Freelance Contract Template?

Most of the Freelancers don’t have access to legal services. This makes them vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances. To help freelancers avoid these circumstances The Contract Guys have created the highest quality, most solid contract templates available. This makes freelancers free to focus on the creative work without worrying about any legal issues.


  • The Freelance Photographer Contract
  • The Freelance Videographer Contract
  • The Freelance Web Design Contract
  • The Freelance Writing Contract
  • The Freelance Illustrator Contract
  • The Freelance Social Media Contract
  • The Freelance Graphic Design Contract
  • The Independent Contractor Contract
  • The Freelance Virtual Assistant Contract


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Freelance Contract Templates for Creative Freelancers

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