Collector Wireframe Web Kit for Designers

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Wire-framing has become a critical stage in the initial product or system design/development process. Keeping this in mind, Today we bring you Collector Wireframe Web Kit.

Collector – is a stylish collection of wireframe design layouts consisting of 15 popular categories for your projects. This collection is made for the popular and rapidly developing Adobe XD with over 200+ ready to use components.

This kit is designed to speed up and facilitate your work with prototyping your projects and revitalize them in the future.

Everything you need is perfectly ordered, easy to assemble and change, you can use any fonts, select any colour combinations and much more.

Grab this great Wireframe Web Kit and design great prototypes today!


  • 200+ Ready to use components
  • 15 Popular categories
  • Bootstrap Grid 1170px
  • Easy to customize
  • Free Google Fonts
  • Compatible with Adobe XD

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Collector Wireframe Web Kit for Designers

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