Can Animated Mockups Bundle

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Can Animated Mockups Bundle Includes:

• Soda Can Animated Mockup
• Can Koozie Animated Mockup

This can bundle features 2 aluminum can set with animated and static PSD templates. Create impressive gif animations and video presentations with photorealistic 3D renders of a rotating can of your choice: 330 or 500 ml with/without water drops or wrapped in a can cooler.

In each mockup, you can set your own background or just use an isolated image of a can. A fully editable layered design allows you to customize the interface of your mockup according to your needs. This is a neat and impressive visual to showcase your latest packaging design of a soft drink/beer brand or a promotional message, logo, etc. anywhere on the web.

Watch videos about the animated cans’ design creating:

Watch the exported gif animations:

Soda Can Animated Mockup
Big Can Animated Mockup
Small Can Animated Mockup
Can Koozie Small
Can Koozie Big

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop (32/64bit): CS4, CS5, CS6, CC

Product includes:

• 4 animated PSDs with customizable can/koozie design;
• 6 static PSDs, different views;
• Help files (video tutorials);

Animation types:

• Looped rotation, with water drops – for the soda can mockup;
• Looped rotation, front view – for the can koozie mockup;

Editable elements:

• Can color and design;
• Can cooler color and design;
• Can cooler lining color;
• Background;

Save animation as:

• Animated GIF;
• Video mp4;
• JPG, PNG sequence;

Important: Patterns and textures used in previews are not included in the product.


  • Dimensions animated mockups - 1600 x 1100 px / 1920 x 1080 px
  • Dimensions static mockups - 9000 x 7000 px / 9000 x 6000 px
  • DPI - 300 DPI
  • Requirements - Adobe CS4+

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