Cafune Script Handmade Typeface

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The Cafune-Script font, a new handmade font by Noe Araujo, is available in TTF, OTF.

It was initially created with wedding invitations in mind, or for use in posters. Although this is a decorative font, it is easy to read. The loops and curls found in both the upper and lowercase letters are not the distraction they can at times be in other script-type font styles.

Cafune-Script’s creator describes it as a beautiful font, which is certainly true. Elegant would also be a fitting description.

While it may lend itself best to hardcopy prints such as invitations, many uses for this font could be found in boutique-style eCommerce websites. It is a particularly attractive font when applied to phrases or short descriptions when the lettering is complemented with coloring or shadowing effects, either in the background, or in the letters themselves.






  • TTF and OTF included in the archive


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Cafune Script Handmade Typeface

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